The City of Marrakesh was founded in 1050 by the Almoravid leader Yusuf bin Tashfeen.

It is located on a vast plain called the Haouz (pronounced somewhat like "How’s" in English). This vast plain spreads northwest to the High Atlas Mountains, the highest mountain range in Morocco. In the winter, when these mountains become covered by snow, they provide a striking background to the city with its red-ochre buildings, minarets, and palm trees.

Marrakesh has its traditional historic side and the old medina as well as the Jemaalfna, the large open square adjacent to it, is one of the most visited tourist sites in the country.

But tradition is only one side of this city. At the other end of Mohamed V Boulevard, the wide busy street linking the old town and the new, is a bustling modern town full of boutiques, restaurants, cafes and luxury hotels. It is this combination of the old and new which makes Marrakesh what it is: fascinating and puzzling, sometimes frustrating, but seldom dull.

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