Who Are We Looking For?

The ALC believes in a student-centered approach to language teaching that cultivates a positive learning environment and increases the students’ language skills by providing structured learning experiences that allow for meaningful repetition and practice and provide the learner with a chance to receive feedback, process it, and learn from it. The emphasis is on acquiring communication skills (as opposed to mastering grammar or the unit in the text).

We do not prescribe a particular methodology, but advocate a principled, eclectic approach. The ALC views techniques as tools which might work well in some situations, but not others.

The ALC teacher agrees to facilitate classes that are primarily student-centered and agrees to use student-centered instruction, including pair work and group work, whenever suitable. The teacher also agrees tomaintain a positive student-to-teacher talk ratio (80% STT to 20% TTT) under normal circumstances. The teacher agrees to make use of a variety of supplementary material (such as music, DVDs, grammar games, role plays, presentations, debates) on a regular basis to provide students with realistic, practical, and up-to-date language.

In addition, the teacher agrees to establish a positive rapport with students, and to maintain a professional demeanor at all times while on our premises.

The ALC Marrakesh employs full-time native speakers of English from abroad as well as full-time and part-time Moroccan teachers.

  • Minimum University Qualifications: Native speakers must have a bachelor’s degree and a teaching certificate (CELTA preferred). Teachers with a master’s in TESOL are preferred.
  • Age: The ALC is the first to recognize the value and talent of older teachers, but the Moroccan Ministry of Labor will not issue a work permit to non-Moroccans aged 60 or older, which means we cannot offer positions to teachers 59 and older.
  • Nationality: Applicants must be native speakers from countries where English is an official language
  • Teaching experience:  Teachers should have a minimum of two years, full-time classroom experience, preferably in the EFL classroom.
  • Experience living abroad and the ability to adapt to Moroccan culture: Morocco has many wonderful aspects, but it can be a challenging place to live as well. We want visiting teachers to be content in their new surroundings so that they can give their best in class.

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