Salary and Benefits

In general, ALC teachers manage to live in a decent apartment, eat well and have enough to eat out and to travel occasionally. That being said, coming to the ALC with the intention of saving much money is not realistic. Furthermore, if you have other financial obligations, i.e. student loans, you will find it difficult if not impossible to meet these obligations on your work salary alone. It cannot be emphasized enough that this is not a job for people who have debt that they need to pay back or for people who need to save money. Also, it can take months to get a permanent residence card, and without this card you cannot open a bank account; and therefore, you cannot wire money home.

Upon receipt of the permanent Moroccan residence card (which can take many months), visiting teachers may open a convertible currency account into which all or part their salary may be transferred into dollars, Euros, or pounds.

In addition to the basic salary, all teachers are offered medical insurance which covers 80% of most medical and certain dental expenses.

In addition to the basic salary, the ALC offers a monthly housing stipend either as a direct benefit or a reduction in rent.

ALC provides a one-time settling in allowance, and can often help with essential furnishings (stove, refrigerator, beds, etc)

Other benefits include 20 hours of survival Moroccan Arabic.

The ALC reimburses native speaker teachers for the cost of their airline tickets up to 10,000 dirham.

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