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Our goal is to help you communicate in English as soon as possible.

We believe that language learning is a skill-based process, much like learning to play a sport or a musical instrument. The key to successful language learning is to practice. Through practice and review, the language learner develops an understanding of both the language and how to use it successfully for different purposes. Practicing speaking is particularly important because it helps the learner to gain confidence using the language.

Therefore, we believe in a student-centered approach to language teaching that cultivates a positive learning environment and increases the students’ language skills by providing structured learning experiences that allow for meaningful repetition and practice and provide the learner with a chance to receive feedback, process it, and learn from it. The emphasis is on acquiring communication skills (as opposed to mastering grammar or the unit in the text). We do not prescribe a particular methodology but regard all as general formulations that serve as guides, rather than rigid formulas that must be adhered to. In terms of techniques, the ALC views all of them as tools which work well for some things but not others.

To help you reach your goal of communication, the ALC uses the most-recent and best textbooks available for EFL (English as a Foreign Language):




For learners aged 16 and above:

New Interchange Intro 4th Edition                                     


New Interchange Book 2 4th Edition



New Interchange Book 3 4th Edition

Summit Book 1

Summit Book 2


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